Other Services

We are happy to provide a valuation for your current collection provided if you are planning
to sell the collection and we are your first choice for moving the collection on. Be aware
that we will provide a valuation for the bundle price and we acknowledge you will get more
for your collection if you split your items and sell individually if you have the time and the
patience. If we do purchase your collection you understand that we will add the bulk of
your items in your collection to stock.*

We will consider trades of greater or lesser value on games only.*Other services can be arranged by messaging us on our FB page here:
Or by email:

Please note that games which have cosmetic damage, are ex rental, platiunums,
greatest hits, classics or similar or are not complete (missing inserts or manuals) are
considered low value regardless of the title. We try to stock black label, complete games
only on the site. All other items will end up on trade me with low reserve.